5 reasons to choose The SpeirTV Ad Exchange Ad Server

5 reasons to choose The SpeirTV Ad Exchange Ad Server

With multiple companies offering similar ad serving solutions, we often get asked: "Why should I choose The SpeirTV Ad Exchange Ad Server?" Here are the top five reasons why The SpeirTV Ad Exchange Ad Server should be your choice for an ad management solution:
1. Customer Service
First and foremost, our customer service team sets us apart from our competition. We consistently get praised for our technical, customer service, and sales support. We are very easy to reach via email, Skype, and on the phone, working around the clock to get you the answers you need.
2. Pricing
Even with such a dedicated and responsive customer service team, we are able to offer very aggressive pricing, making us the best-value option in ad serving. Our plans are very simple, free of hidden charges, and incredibly flexible, allowing you to upgrade or downgrade at any point in time. We offer a free 10-day trial and if that was not enough, we even have a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure you are happy with our service.
3. Reliability
With a no-single-point-of-failure infrastructure, 99.9% uptime, 24-hour live monitoring, and years of experience, these factors make The SpeirTV Ad Exchange Ad Server the ad serving solution that you can always count on.
4. Easy-to-Use
Our user-friendly interface has all the basic and advanced features that you will need to maximize your advertising revenue. You can set things up and start seeing real-time statistics in less than five minutes.
5. Customer-Driven
We listen to our current customer's demands and constantly improve our ad serving solution. AdSpeed is well aware that online advertising continuously grows and changes, from banner advertisements to video advertisements, from desktops to mobile devices. We scale, adapt, and evolve by rolling out new features for our customers often without charging a penny more for them. Better yet, we are a hosted solution so no new software needs to be downloaded to reap the benefits of these frequent upgrades.

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