The SpeirTV Ad Exchange Ad Server for Advertisers

The SpeirTV Ad Exchange Ad Server for Advertisers

The SpeirTV Ad Exchange Ad Server for Advertisers

advertising stepsAdvertisers purchase advertising from many different sources, including individual websites, mobile apps, ad networks, and ad exchanges. In this complex environment, you need an ad serving solution for advertisers. 

The SpeirTV Ad Exchange helps you track and audit all incoming ad traffic independently and make sure your ad spending is monitored and optimized for the highest return.

Track your Media Buys

If you want to track ad metrics (impressions, clicks, conversions, leads, purchases) for your media buys on websites by an independent third-party ad server, you can use AdSpeed to distribute and track your ads on multiple websites and publishers. It is simple to start:
  • Enter your ads into our system.
  • Send an ad tag to where you are buying media and advertising.
  • This ad tag will display your ad, track clicks, and impressions.

Furthermore, you can set up conversion tracking and track ad spending. If you want to display the same ad to multiple sites, you should link the same ad to multiple ad placements and send the ad tag for each placement separately. This ad setup makes it easy to switch ads without asking the publishing partners to make changes on their ends. If you are representing multiple advertisers or just your own business, learn more about our ad server for ad agencies

Reporting Access

If you have an existing advertiser account already created by your publisher or your ad network, you can sign in to view your ads and campaign performance.

Buy Advertising

If you want to promote your ads and display them on many websites, you can join one of the ad networks or ad exchanges. These companies will display your ads on websites that match your target audience and budget.

The SpeirTV Ad Exchange provides the technology platform for publishers, advertisers, agencies, and ad networks to serve, manage, and track ad impressions, clicks, events, and conversions.

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